Takeaway Menu

      A combination of chicken tikka, sheek kebab and lamb tikka.
      2.CHICKEN/LAMB TIKKA £3.25
      3. DUCK TIKKA £3.25
      Succulent pieces of duck marinated in herbs and spices, then roasted in a tandoori oven on a skewer, sprinkled with corriander.
      4. SHEEK KEBAB (2 Pieces) £3.25
      Tender lamb minced and seasoned with onions, herbs and a touch of ground spices, roasted in a tandoori on skewers.
      5. RESHMI KEBAB £3.25
      Tender lamb minced and seasoned in herbs and spices, shallow fried in butter then wrapped in an omellette
      6. TANDOORI CHICKEN ¼ £2.95
      Quarter pieces of chicken marinated in fresh herbs and spices, then roasted in tandoori oven on skewers
      7. MEAT SAMOSA (2 pieces) £2.50
      Triangular shaped pastry filled with spicey minced meat.
      8. VEGETAABLE SAMOSA (2 pieces) £2.50
      Triangular shaped pastry filled with spicey vegetables.
      9. CHICKEN CHAT PUREE £3.95
      Diced chicken, with special chat massalla and tomatoes in fresh puffy bread
      10. ALOO CHAT PUREE £3.95
      Diced potatoes, with special chat massalla and tomatoes in fresh puffy bread
      11. ONION BHAJEE (3 Pieces) £2.75
      Finely chopped onion and potato with special herbs and lentils.
      12. CHICKEN PAKORA (3 pieces) £2.95
      Lightly spiced fried chicken with breadcrumbs
      13. GARLIC MUSHROOM £2.95
      Fried with garlic, green pepper, corriander and spices with a puffy bread
      14. PRAWN COCKTAIL £2.95
      15. PRAWN ON PURREE £3.95
      Spicy prawn cooked in a thick sauce, served with a puffy bread and coriander
      16. KING PRAWN ON PUREE £5.25
      King sized prawns gently spiced with garlic, ginger & onions served with a fresh puffy bread
      17. KING PRAWN BUTTERFLY £5.25
      King sized prawns dipped in egg and breadcrumbs then deep[ fried in butter
      18. KING PRAWN CHAT £5.25
      King prawns in medium spice cooked in especially spiced sour sauce
      19. CRAB SPECIAL £4.25
      Freshly cooked with herbs, onions & peppers, slightly dry, served with a puri
      20. AYRE FISH £2.95
      Ayre fillets, marinated in a special home made sauce grilled in tandoori
      21. LAMB CHOPS £3.50
      Succulent pieces of lamb chops soaked overnight in yoghurt, rosemary, black pepper and mint marinade, grilled and garnished with garlic and ginger.

    • All tandoori dishes are marinated and grilled in a clay oven. Served with fresh salad.
      22. TANDOORI CHICKEN (Half) £6.95
      23. CHICKEN/LAMB TIKKA £6.95
      24. TANDOORI MIXED GRILL £9.95
      Pieces of chicken tikka lamb tikka tandoori chicken & sheek kebab.
      25. TANOORI KING PRAWNS £10.95
      29. DUCK TIKKA £8.95

    • The dishes selected below are prepared in a highly garnished sauce, the tastes in the korai dishes are very distinctive and highly flavoured with finely chopped onions, red pepper and are slightly hot.
      A combination of chicken tikka, sheek kebab and lamb tikka.
      31. KING PRAWN KORAI £9.95
      32. VEGETABLE KORAI £5.95
      33. CHICKEN & MUSHROOM KORAI £7.95
      34. PRAWN KORAI £7.95
      35. MUSHROOM KORAI £5.95
      36. MIXED KORAI £9.95
      Chicken, lamb & Prawn

      Barbecued chicken or lamb diced and cooked in a special thick massalla sauce, prepared from cream, yoghurt & Almonds.
      Barbecued king prawns cooked in a special thick massala sauce, prepared form cream yohghurt & almonds.
      39. SIZZLING DUCK £7.95
      Medium spiced green peppers, red peppers and onions cooked with tamarind sauce & corriander.
      40. DUCK TIKKA MASSALLA £8.95
      Barbecued duck diced & cooked in a special thick mild massalla sauce prepared from cream, yoghurt & almonds.
      Mildly spiced cubes of chicken or lamb garnished with almonds, cooked with fresh cream.
      Spicy, fairly hot lamb or chicken cooked with fresh chillies chopped onions, tomatoes and green peppers, cooked in an exotic sauce.
      Spicy, fairly hot king prawns or fish cooked with fresh chillies, chopped onions, tomatoes and green peppers, cooked in an exotic sauce.
      44. GARLIC CHICKEN OR LAMB £6.95
      (our most popular dish) Slightly hot chicken or lamb, cooked in herbs & fried in garlic.
      45. BUTTER CHICKEN OR LAMB £6.95
      Lightly spiced cooked in butter sauce with fresh cream & pistachio muts. mild.
      46. HONEY CHICKEN £6.95
      Cooked with sultanas, almond, coconut & honey. Served in a very mild creamy sauce.
      47. CHICKEN PANEER £6.95
      Chicken cooked with different spices in a medium hot sauce, topped with indian cheese.
      48. CRAB JALE JULE KORAI £9.95
      Hot with green chilles and whole green garam massala, served with garlic rice.
      49. CRAB DARJEELING £9.95
      A day dish cooked in medium, spices served with prawn rice and salad.

    • The dishes are a preparation of the finest basmathi saffron rice with almonds, sultanas garnished with tomatoes and other ingredients dressing with plain omelette served with medium-mild fresh mixed vegetable curry.
      52. CHEF’S SPECIAL BIRYANI £12.95
      Served with chicken bhuna
      54. KING PRAWN BIRYANI £9.95
      55. PRAWN BIRYANI £7.95
      57. VEGETABLE BIRYANI £6.95
      58. MIXED BIRYANI £8.95
      Chicken Lamb & prawn

    • 59. VEGETABLES THALI £9.95
      Onion Bhajee, vegetable curry, mushroom bhajee, cauliflower, bahajee, nanbread, pilau rice and salad.
      60. NON VEGETABLE THALI £10.95
      Pieces of tandoori chicken tikka massalla, sheek kebab, lamb bhuna, nan bread & pilau rice.

    • 61. FISH BHOONA £6.95
      Diced cubes of succulent white fish coated with aromatic spices and cooked in ginger, garlic, tomatoes.
      62. CHICKEN EXOTICA £8.95
      This dish normally served at Royal celebration banquets in recreated for Your pleasure. A sweet mild dish of chicken with oxotic fruits and spices from bhutan will bring you a memorable taste of the orient.
      63. CHAKMAI CHICKEN £6.95
      Deep fried chicken breast pieces cooked with betbs, splces & green chilli (Fairly hot)
      64. BEGUN BAHAR £6.95
      Medium hot chicken cooked with herbs & spices in a thick onion gravy, topped with fresh fried aborigines.
      65. KING PRAWN SIZZLER £10.95
      Whole king prawns lightly stir fried lightly seasoned with herbs & spices.
      66. SPECIAL LAMB SHANKS £9.95
      Cooked in delicately spices special sauce and served with potatoes.
      67. NEPALI CHICKEN OR LAMB £6.95
      A very hot dish cooked in special hot pickle sauce.
      68. CHICKEN OR LAMB BAKARA £7.95
      Roasted in the tandoori oven & cooked with tomatoes onions green peppers & fresh coriander served in special thick sauce. SPICY BUT NOT HOT.
      69. SALMON MASSALLA £8.95
      Delicate salmon fillets marinated in a home made sauce with special herbs & spices, lovingly barbequed over a flaming tndoori oven and cooked in an enriched Bhuna sauce.
      70. KING PRAWN SPECIAL £10.95
      A special dish in SHELL with aubergines, can be cooked to you own REQUIREMENT.
      71. IMLI CHILLI CHICKEN £7.95
      Chicken cooked with fried onions, peppers and fresh chillies in a thick sauce.
      72. CHEF’S SPECIAL £10.95
      Chicken tikka, lamb tikka sheek kebab and cooked in chef’s special sauce.
      73. CHICKEN OR LAMB SALI £7.95
      Boneless diced chicken cooked in a thick sauce and garnished with crispy potatoes and fresh corriander.
      74. GARLIC MURG MAKHANI £6.95
      Diced chicken barbecued tossed in butter with garlic cultured yoghurt and cream, served with exotic sauce.
      75. CHICKEN OR LAMB METHI £6.95
      Tender chicken or lamb cooked with fengreek and tomato.

    • A range of sensational curries using the finest filleted slivers of venison breast marinated for several hours in a home made sauce with selected herbs and spices in our particular way for that special flavor unique to imli lounge
      76. VENISON MASSALLA £8.95
      Barbequed venison mixed with ground spices, massalla sauce, dazzling flavour.
      77. VENISON JALFREZI £8.95
      Barbequed venison in hot spicy sauce, with dissected fresh green chillies.
      78. VENISON JEERA £8.95
      A wonderful tasty dish similar to jalfrezi but with less chillies and the addition of coconut and cream for a more delicate flavour.
      79. VENISON DELIGHT £8.95
      Venison tikka delicately spiced and barbecued with fresh cream and almonds, mild lavour.

    • Crushed mustard seeds, ginger, bay leaves, cardamon pods and fresh corriander feature in the dishes we present. The style is very much down to earth, with the herbs & spices, allowed to dominate each dish, Whilst the chilli heat equates to a medium strength, the flavours herein are gastronomically explosive!
      80. TAWA CHICKEN OR LAMB £9.95
      Diced chicken fillets cooked in a combination of herbs & spices that are true to the origins of the dish.
      81. JHINGA TAWA £12.95
      King prawns cooked in a Tawa style.
      82. BENGAL MIXED TAWA £13.95
      Chicken lamb & king prawns.
      83. MASS TAWA £9.95
      Salmon fillets cooked in a combination of herbs & spices.
      84. BATAK TAWA £8.95
      Tender pieces of boneless duck cooked in a koral with fresh ginger, garlic tomato, onion & capsicum.

    • Balti is a traditional North indian dish, originated from the Northwest frontier of kashmir called baltistan. These dishes are freshly cooked in a balti pan with specially prepared sour balti sauce, These dishes are medium but can be served Mild or Hot on request.
      85. BALTI CHICKEN OR LAMB £7.95
      86. BALTI MIX £9.95
      Chicken, lamb & prawn
      87. BALTI KING PRAWN £10.95
      88. BALTI VEGETABLE £5.95
      91. LAMB & POTATO BALTI £8.50
      92. KING PRAWN SAG BALTI £12.95
      93. VENISON BALTI £8.95
      A spicy dish cooked with diced onion & peppers in thick sauce.

    • Please note if you want any of the side dishes as a main dish it will be £5.50
      100. VEGETABLE MIXED CURRY £2.95
      101. MUSHROOM BHAJEE £2.95
      Mushrooms cooked dry with various spices.
      102. CHANA MASSALLA £2.95
      Chick peas cooked in spices in a thick sauce
      103. BHINDI BHAJEE £2.95
      Fresh okra cooked in medium spices
      104. CAULIFLOWER BHAJEE £2.95
      Fresh cauliflower cooked in medium spices
      105. BOMBAY ALOO £2.95
      Spicy Potatoes
      106. SAG AL00 £2.95
      Fresh spinach & potatoes.
      107. SAG BHAJEE £2.95
      Fresh spinach in medium spices
      108. ALOO METHI £2.95
      Spicy potatoes with fenugreek
      109. ALOO GOBI £2.95
      Potatoes & cauliflower
      110. SAG PANEER £2.95
      Spinach & cheese
      111. MOTOR PANEER £2.95
      Peas & cheese
      112. BRINJAL BHAJEE £2.95
      Aubergine in medium sauce
      113. TARKA DALL £2.95
      Lentils lightly spiced fried with garlic
      114. SAG DALL £2.95
      Lightly spiced lentils cooked with fresh spinach

    • 115. STEAMED RICE £2.25
      116. PILAU RICE (Basmati) £2.45
      117. KEEMA RICE £2.95
      118. SPECIAL FRIED RICE (eggs & peas) £2.95
      119. MUSHROOM FRIED RICE £2.95
      120. VEGETABLE FRIED RICE £2.95
      121. NAN (Plain) £2.45
      122. GARLIC NAN £2.75
      Stuffed with garlic & corriander
      123. KEEMA NAN £2.75
      Stuffed inn with minced lamb
      124. PESHWARI NAN £2.75
      Stuffed with almond, pistachio nuts sultanas & coconut
      125. EGG NAN £2.75
      126. TANDOORI ROTI £2.25
      Unleavened bread baked in tandoor oven
      127. PARATHA £2.25
      128. STUFFED PARATHA £2.95
      Stuffed with vegetables
      129. CHAPATI £1.25

    • 130. RAITHA £1.25
      131. PAPADOM (plain/spiced) £0.60
      132. CHUTNEYS & PICKLES £0.60

    • 133. FRIED CHICKEN £6.95
      134. FRIED SCAMPI £6.95
      135. CHICKEN OMELETTE £6.95
      136. MUSHROOM OMELETTE £6.95
      137. SIRLOIN STEAK £9.95
      138. CHIPS £1.95